Mission Statement

The words “purpose” and “blog” seem to be the equivalent of oil and water, but surely there are still reasons that everyone starts a blog. Personally I have a couple of reasons for starting this blog.

Most of the time I am a better communicator through writing then speaking. If I’m upset or down I am usually able to express my feelings better through the typed word then my stammering mouth. So the hope is this blog will provide a cathartic moment or two.

Also I like to write. Whether or not I am good at it is still a hotly debated topic but it is something I enjoy. I’m hoping this blog will keep me on track, provide me with ideas, and give me another outlet to bring keyboard to screen.

Also as everyone knows the internet is nothing if not a place for everyone to spout their opinions while at the same time lambasting other people’s opinions and beliefs. This will provide with a place to do that.

Feel free to call me out when I put my foot in my mouth or come up with a horrible idea, that is after-all the reason the internet was created.  Until then.



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5 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. Great post. You both try to speak you mind and what you feel at the same time. Just like you, I started to blog because I enjoy doing it. It’s A way for me to write about my ideas and experiences. It would be an honor if somebody appreciates it but more importantly I’ m doing it for my own self discovery plus a bonus of knowing that there is an amazing group of bloggers who share your world through the writings they make. Looking forward to read more about your ideas…

  2. Hi and welcome to aspiring writer’s anonymous. Here on the internets feel free to unleash your will and fury upon the world. Be careful not to over do it with caps lock, after all caps lock is just cruise control for cool.

    Kidding aside, seriously welcome. I find myself in the same set of shoes as you do. Writing is an obsession and a compulsion in which I spew my opinions, wildly overactive creative and juicy imagination, and delve into random facets of the human condition with a sprinkle of insanity for flavor. Blogs are a great way to exercise those ideas that are festering inside you head, else they will eat you alive.

    Feel free to drop by my blog and call me out on my shenanigans or share ideas. I would like to build up a little community for us writers where we can do just that. Good luck with your cathartic endeavors.

  3. It looks like your blog is going to be pretty awesome! I, too, am an unpublished writer (as you saw on my blog). I’m curious to see what your other posts will be like.

    By the way, what kind of books do you plan on writing? For teens or adults? Fantasy or modern? Horror or comedy?

    • I could have an entire blog dedicated to that. I already have a book finished that is more along the horror/thriller genre (considering self-publishing). I’m currently working on a rather dark book that explores the dark side of humanity that I am hoping to have complete by the end of next year to enter into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest.

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