There Is No Point To This Blog

One of the things I am already struggling with is blogging about nothing.  To clarify I don’t mean not having a subject to center the blog around, I mean blogging without attempting to have some over-arching theme or point.  My hope for this blog is (at times) to have an almost stream of consciousness where I can throw my thoughts onto my monitor to either inspire myself or simply as a cheap form of therapy.  Yet already I feel myself waiting for some grand idea to center a blog around.  So in order to attempt to fight this I am literally blogging about blogging about nothing.

I have already gotten a chance to slip into other people’s minds and worlds by checking out their blogs, and it is very rejuvenating creatively.  At the same time I want to continue to write and focus on my projects so I will have to come to terms that a large portion (if not all) of my blogs are going to be complete and utter non-sense.  That at times reading my blog will seem the equivalent of the Family Circus comic strip where you follow one of Billy’s trails as he runs all over the place.

So for those of you who risk your sanity by attempting to follow along with my mindless ramblings I thank you & remind you that I am not liable for any minor or significant brain damage that may occur due to this.  Until then



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2 responses to “There Is No Point To This Blog

  1. Sanity it overrated. Blog on my friend, blog the fuck on.

    Seriously, I blog about codpieces. Do what you want, it is the only rule that matters.

  2. What Frank said. And have fun while you’re at it. Actually, I think what you’ve put up so far is pretty interesting.

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