Convergence Of Characters

I’ve always been a fan of books that have multiple protagonists.  Usually based on this you are able to see different sides of the same story and can get differing perspectives.  Now reading a story with multiple protagonists is one thing but writing a story with multiple is a completely different beast altogether.

In one of my current projects I have 3 protagonists and they spend 3/4 of the story never knowing each other.  Due to the story they all 3 have their own struggles trying to survive and then at the end are thrown together for the final 1/4 of the book.   Throughout the story each character has their own trials and tribulations and naturally grow because of it.  As the writer during this process I learned a lot about the characters and got a better sense of who I wanted them to be.  By the time I got to the point where they all come together I had a great idea of who they were as individuals, but had to then find out who they were as a group.

It may sound strange to some but I found that the 3 characters didn’t exactly have meshing personalities.  I had always planned on them coming together but never really imagined the amount of conflict it would cause between them based on who they had become.  Now for the story I think it ended up working out great.  There is nothing more boring then a group of people getting along,  but it was a little unexpected.

How about you all?  Have you had a WIP in which your character(s) evolved into something you hadn’t planned?  Did it end up working out better or worse in the end?





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6 responses to “Convergence Of Characters

  1. My characters almost always turn out unexpectedly. Once I have developed their back stories and the pillars of their personality, they take off and become their own people. I have had heroic protagonists swing into an anti-hero mantra because of how I progress their conflicts, based on their personalities. That might be a little confusing as I essentially described a snake eating itself, where does it start and stop?
    Once I have their staple reasonings/biases, i then set upon breaking them or pushing them through their own limitations, it forces them to evolve and that can lead to some crazy places. I never know where they are going to go, but I do know that they are going somewhere.

  2. For the most part things never end up quite the way I envisioned or planned. But, in the end work out better than planned. This is especially true in my Jewelry. I see every twist and turn in the beginning, only to change my mind or have my hands take over. The pieces end up far better that I had ever dreamed. Hope this helps.

    Take Care…

  3. Anabelle

    I’m not currently working on a novel (will I ever?) but there’s a great Victorian novel with two characters who evolve separately but who end up touching at several points in the story. It’s called Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot. A hefty read, but a worthwhile one if you’re interested in multiple character plots in realist novels.

  4. Your story sounds really cool with 3 different POVs of characters never meeting until around the end of the story. The highest action of my story evolved from a character of mine doing something unexpected. It not only added the best drama, but without that drama’s resolution, the story’s meaning would be far less poignant. If you can figure out how to resolve those unexpected things, it’s usually for the better. 🙂

  5. supernaut

    Well… my characters simply took over the story and now they dictate the terms to me… But isn’t that a nice thing to have?

    I know very few people who think up stories, but all of them agree – that once your characters start transforming, it’s a good sign. What it means that now you have finally got under their skin, and now what your mind conjures will be better aligned with them. The makings of a good story, if you will.

  6. Just Coop It

    I love books with multiple protagonists too! So much more interesting to read!

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