What Breaks Your Emotional Wall?

Anyone that has ever cried while consuming some type of media knows the exact moment their emotional wall breaks down.  Some people try to hold it back but the pressure keeps building and building until eventually the whole thing bursts, which usually equates to copious amounts of tears  🙂

The funny thing is that there are certain triggers that can cause the wall to break without much pressure at all.   Take my wife for example.  If we watch a TV show & there is even a hint that an animal is suffering or in trouble she freezes in place and tears are never far behind.  Her biggest weakness is a male crying.  If we watch a TV show or movie and there is middle aged father crying she loses it completely.  I know that is a very specific scenario but without fail every time it knocks down her emotional wall.

I am sure a psychologist would have a field day looking into why certain triggers cause certain people to break down, but I find it just as interesting as a writer.  Everyone is different but there are universal triggers out there that can cause an emotion to automatically manifest.  If you can discover these triggers and masterfully integrate them into you story then you can give your novel quite the powerful punch.

Also since I kind of threw my wife under the bus I guess I should  admit to what quirky thing causes my emotional barriers to crumple into a thousand pieces.  Young teenagers who have had a tough life but give back to the community in a meaningful way, sounds cheesy I know.  There is something about a person who has had so many things go against them but still finds a way to overcome it, be a good person, and give back that causes my eyes to leak all over the place.

Now that I have embarrassed myself what breaks down your emotional wall?



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14 responses to “What Breaks Your Emotional Wall?

  1. Anabelle

    It’s funny, I usually cry at happily moving moments. The end of a show or a movie, usually.

  2. For me, it is usually the interplay between two characters – could be a major romantic moment, a loving moment between mother or father and child, or the moment you see two warriors in battle look at each other with respect before one kills the other. My last media meltdown moment the moment Ned Stark’s eyes met his daughter Arya’s in next to the last episode of GOT. No words, but so much more.

  3. Just Coop It

    It’s always something I find really inspirational. Like something that makes me think, “I really, really want that in my life.”
    Or something that gives me a greater sense of unity and connection with other people. I love that feeling.

  4. When a father neglects his child, and the child does everything in his/her power to try to impress the father so they show more interest or stick around. It works every time.

  5. mackenziew

    Old people. Anything involving the elderly will get to me. Crimes against the elderly, if I’m watching something like Law and Order or CSI. If an old person starts crying, I get choked up. I have to change the channel in some cases.

  6. For me I guess the trigger thing depends on my mood at the time, I have seen commercials that made me cry, singing the National Anthem at ball games, stories that inspire and post like some of yours! Have a great afternoon!
    Take care,

    • LOL, and here I was thinking I was the only one that sometimes got choked up when the National Anthem is sung. I’m like you it has to be at big events like the Super Bowl, etc, but something about it is very touching!

  7. Love this post. And I am with you, people who have lived through great adversities and yet still give to those around them, love and laugh and smile through life…..well, I’m a blubbering mess! I also am a sucker for men crying, gets me every time! And little kids, esp when they are brave and stoic….now that completely undoes me.

  8. DFW Airport is one of the places where American troops coming home for R&R make their first stop in the U.S. The airport organizes a greeting for these soldiers and every time I go up there to welcome home our troops, I break down. It doesn’t take much – guys meeting their babies for the first time, moms getting hugs from their kids, and even the appreciation of the troops to thank us for thanking them. No matter your politics, seeing these people who make such a sacrifice brings tears to my eyes.

  9. Oddly, it’s usually not human moments that get me really emotional (although they do get me emotional–don’t get me wrong). As a sci-fi/fantasy lover, the moments I’m most touched are when there is a real feeling of awe and the exotic–the sort of thing that got me into speculative fiction in the first place.

    For example, there’s a scene in Douglas Adams’s “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” where the characters are on an alien ship and find themselves greeted by the most amazingly beautiful music imaginable, and they come to discover the ship’s computers are analyzing every movement–every person walking to work, every blade of grass blowing in the breeze, every wave on the ocean–on planet Earth and mathematically converting it into music. I just think that’s such a brilliant idea–I’m awestruck whenever I think of it.

    Another one would be the series finale of the TV show, Stargate: Universe. It ends with the crew of the ship going into cryogenic stasis, but one character has to stay awake. The episode ends with him watching the stars, alone, on a completely dark and silent ship and the ship slowly fading away into the vastness of space. It was just such a beautifully lonely and haunting moment that I got choked up whenever I thought about it for days afterward.

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