This Week Kicked Me In The Balls (And Laughed About it)

You know the saying when it rains it pours?  Well this last week seemed like a flash flood.  It started promising enough.  Last Saturday I sat down to get some writing done and next thing I know I have completed a few chapters and ended up being very pleased with how they read.  I spent a quality day with my lovely wife, watched a great movie, and right before bed had a great idea about possibly a series of books that I could write.  So the end of the day was filled with excited note taken & falling asleep thinking about this new exciting universe………..then Sunday arrived.


I remember waking up and thinking it seemed a little more toasty then usual.  When I glanced at our thermostat I realized that it was set for 70 (I like it cold, I prefer to constantly be in danger of hypothermia) , but was actually currently 75, and that is when I realized our air conditioning was out.  So we called our A/C guy who couldn’t come out until Monday, so the wife & I got to enjoy 90+ degree heat with a single fan…..


Monday arrives and I notice my car isn’t running as well as it should.  So I make an appt to drop it off at our local repair shop.  Later on that day our A/C guy shows up tells us we have a gauge that is out, isn’t sure if they have it but will go look and call back.  Around 6pm that night we hadn’t heard from him so I made a call and found out they don’t have the part, but have ordered it (over-night), and oops their bad they forgot to call.


Get a call from our repair shop and basically my car is on life-support and am advised that I should probably pull the plug.   So the 2nd half of the day is running around trying to get a rental vehicle so that both my wife & I have transportation.  A/C guy calls, part not in yet, no idea when.  Still no A/C.  Also my work states they need us all to do mandatory overtime. I kick a cat in anger (not really).


Wake up early in order to get started on that mandatory overtime, enjoy an extra 2 hours at work.  Mid-day realize that my favorite, albeit old, pair of jeans(which I’m currently wearing) have a small-ish hole near the crouch-al  region.  Spend the rest of the day in very specific stances in order to avoid any awkward moments.  Also contact A/C guy, part not in yet, no idea when. Still no A/C.


Finish up overtime at work, have to present a series of “Diversity Awareness” activities to various teams in my building, momentarily consider jumping out of our 3 story window.  I contact A/C guy, part not in yet, looks like it should come in Friday, they promise to install it just as soon as it arrives.  Still no A/C.


A/C guy calls while I’m at work and leaves me a message stating they will call me back later today to schedule a time to come out and fix my A/C.  This is around 11 am, at 2 pm I get a call from them asking where I am at because they are standing outside my house waiting for me.  Just an FYI I live approx 40 minutes away from my workplace, and remember that mandatory OT?  Yeah no way I am leaving early.  I call a total of 5 people who live near by and might be able to let the A/C guy in,  all of them are productive adults and at work.  Eventually I give the A/C guy my garage code and give him the ok to go inside without me and fix the A/C.

Right now it is Saturday and I get to look forward to shopping for a new car.  Some people consider this to be exciting and if it wasn’t for having to deal with car salesmen I would probably agree.

Now I will admit things could have been a lot worse.  This week was relatively cool so being without A/C for the entire week wasn’t that horrible.  Also the problems with my car were pretty severe and could have stranded me in the middle of no-where.  No one noticed my holey-crouch jeans while I was at work, and they paid me $$ for all the overtime I completed there.  So you could easily argue this is a glass half-full/half-empty type of situation.  But to be totally honest next week in order to prevent any arguments or misunderstandings I would much rather have one of these…

A Full Glass



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13 responses to “This Week Kicked Me In The Balls (And Laughed About it)

  1. Some days you get the elevator, some days you just get the shaft.

  2. Haha…I hate these weeks, and this one sounds particularly awful! Bet you’re glad it’s over!

  3. Seems like a rough week but your sense of humor overshadowed the hassles of A/C and car problems. Here in Texas, if my A/C breaks, I’ll probably in a motel with my family. Temp. is in the high 90’s and the house would feel like an oven. Great post!

  4. I think that’s why years ago the song “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” was popular. Good news – you made it. Bad news – getting there wasn’ half (any) of the fun.

  5. I love those weeks. I grew up in a farm house without A/C. It was fun without being fun. On the bright side, you have a job that pays and gives you overtime. I am allowed to work as much OT as I want and I take advantage. The level of frustration and annoyance you felt day in and day out is fully understandable, I would want to kick a kitten too.

  6. Hopefully karma does a turnabout and gives you an awesome week next : )!

  7. Great blog, and great post! Sounds a lot like my life most of the time, lol

  8. Week from hell. I recently had the A/C out for a day but it only hit 83 inside. Grateful for its eventual return. That post is coming…”quality service”…ummmm…not so much, similar to your situation.

  9. You are such a wonderful writer… and you ended it beautifully! Did you find a car?
    take care,

    • Thanks, that made my day 🙂
      And yes I did end up finding a car on Saturday. It was the make & model I wanted, and ended up being cheaper then I was expecting. So the worst week ended quite nicely!

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