The Writer Magazine Is Surprisingly Good

I recently subscribed to The Writer
and I will admit my expectations were quite low.  I was honestly just hoping for a magazine that would provide some decent advice on some writing techniques, or at the very least a good table decoration that would remind me to write.

When it arrived in the mail the first thing I noticed was that it was very slim, 58 pages including advertising, but when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised.  It included reading suggestions, stories about how certain authors got started, author interviews, writing advice/suggestions, and contact information for publishers, agents, and various conferences.

My favorite part so far was an article about driving more traffic to your website and blog.  An hour after I implemented some of their ideas I can say that I have already broken my daily view count record!

With all that said I was able to get the subscription for less then $10 due to a special offer.  Last time I checked on Amazon it was around $29 for 12 issues.  With just one issue in hand I don’t know if I could recommend the magazine to others yet.  For what I’m interested in and attempting to accomplish, it was a steal for what I got it at, but I would have to ponder upon the $29/yr price tag.  With that said I am very much a cheap skate.  I’ll let you guys know later on if I’m still enjoying it and if anyone else has subscribed let me know what you think about it!



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5 responses to “The Writer Magazine Is Surprisingly Good

  1. sandysays1

    You did something that many folks who subscribe to mags don’t actually do – you read it. Most buy them, hope the information in them will float from the pile on their desk to their head. It’s unfortunate that many folks think writing is an easy way to make a living and this is synptomatic of their problem. Writing is HARD work. Congrats! Sounds like you are willing to put enough in the effort to make it.

  2. I’ve thought about this, thanks for being my guinea pig.

  3. I’ve had a subscription for several years. Worthy reading. Of course, they cover a broad spectrum of subjects, and like most things involving research, you have to move a mountain to find one nugget of gold.

  4. What do you think about writer’s digest?

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