Why Do It If You Don’t Enjoy It?

I’ve only been blogging for a few months now, but there is something that I notice each and every time I go surfing for a few good blogs to read.  I usually stick to the Writing section of WordPress since that is what I am most interested in, and one thing I see quite a lot is people FORCING themselves to write.  Their blog will center around how they feel bad that they haven’t written as much as they like, or just can’t find the motivation to jump back into writing.  They may not go out and say it, but it really seems like they’re not having fun.  Which causes me to ask, why do it if you don’t enjoy it?

Now don’t get me wrong I understand where they are coming from.  For the longest time I would force myself to sit down and write a set amount of words a couple of times a week.  What I found is that I would literally dread the days I had picked out to do my writing.  I would sit there and struggle and would find myself checking to see if I had completed my quota of words.  Suddenly this thing that I had enjoyed so much had turned into a chore.

I’d like to think that the reason we decided to write is because we enjoy it.  We enjoy telling stories, we enjoy creating worlds, and we enjoy crafting interesting characters.  For myself the best writing I do is when I am in the “Zone”, I will sit there crank out several chapters and at the end feel not only a sense of accomplishment, but a sense that I just had a good time.  I truly believe in order to write something we are really proud of and want others to read we need to have fun doing it.  It may not always be easy but I think writing should be something you look forward to doing, not something you feel an obligation to do.

I will not step off my soapbox  😉



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13 responses to “Why Do It If You Don’t Enjoy It?

  1. I probably shouldn’t say this, because I just wrote a post about getting involved in other projects that don’t involve writing. It happens to me every summer. Also I’ve been branching out to blogs that are NOT about writing. Although, I never completely back away. Come Spring, I’ll be right back at it.

    For the most part, I agree with you… A lot of writing blogs are definite ‘Downers.’

  2. Cat

    No need to step off the soapbox. I think you make an excellent point. 8o)
    I know I struggle with the concept of sitting down to write, and that sometimes I feel the need to force myself into doing it: but I always enjoy the process once I’ve started. The thing with me is that I find myself NOT doing it because it’s a pleasure purely for myself and I frequently push those down to the bottom of the list. Thus, the only way I can write sometimes is if I feel obligated to sit down and actually do it. Having a blog helps with this, even when I’m not in the mood: because at least I’m writing something…
    Alright, I’ll quit blogging on your blog now! lol! Love the posts. Keep up the interesting points. x

  3. I totally agree that you have to enjoy writing! What’s the fun if you don’t? For me it’s not the writing that isn’t fun, it’s all the other stuff that comes with it. Like rejections. Yuck. A month ago I got a very disheartening rejection. Was probably the most in-depth rejection email. But I’d met the agent in person. He said my project was good, but not great. Ouch! Since then I had trouble just sitting down to write. So this past week I had to force myself to just sit down and write. My goal was to remind myself how much fun writing is. So thanks for reminding us that we need to have fun writing. I know I needed it. 🙂
    BTW- Liking the new blog layout.

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I understand! The hardest thing to do is continue writing after getting rejection. I both love and loathe the personalized rejection. I love it because I like that the person took the time to write something unique and didn’t just throw in the generic rejection letter. I loathe it for the same reasons you hated your last one. When the flaws of our work get exposed it can be disheartening.
      But KEEP writing! If the person didn’t think you had promise you would have gotten the
      generic rejection (or none @ all).

  4. I don’t have this problem, in fact I usually have so much going on that I cannot get a free hour or two to write. I guess I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I enjoy the hell out of writing and when I start, I don’t want to stop. Maybe I’m weird like that.

    Of course, as you pointed out earlier, I might have ADH…… who likes waffles?

    • LOL!

      Actually you are what I aspire to be! Someone who enjoys writing so much that the idea of it being a chore doesn’t even cross their mind. The type of person that instead of sitting back watching TV or playing a video game, jumps into their created world.

      I’m not there yet, but at least I know it’s possible!

  5. Marcie Hill

    I totally agree here. Actually, it applies to anything you do in life. If it’s not enjoyable to you, why bother?

  6. I understand what you say about some of these bloggers that don’t seem to be enjoying themselves but I agree with Barbara from above that there are other factors that make the process less smooth.
    For me personally, my aim is to be an accomplished writer/author one day so I treat my writing as a ‘job’. As with every job there are going to be aspects you won’t enjoy(even if it is your dream job) but ask a worker who hates his job if he feels guilty about cashing in his “sick” leave when he’s not really sick, I assure you he’ll say “hell, no”!
    So the fact that these bloggers feel guilty means they really, truly love their job, its just the brown stuff that life throws at you that prevents these writers from realising their true potential.
    Fortunately, most of them do get over it, and trudge along like the smashing people they are… 🙂

  7. This is a great post… and I really got a lot out of the comments as well! I hope you guys have a fantastic day!
    Take care,

  8. “They may not go out and say it, but it really seems like they’re not having fun. Which causes me to ask, why do it if you don’t enjoy it?”

    Dear Sir. My wife has read your blog post and has been inspired by it. Not with respect to writing, per se, but with respect to our physical relations with each other, if I make myself clear. So she has decided to stop, except on those rare occasions when she’s “in the mood.”

    Please write and tell her that sometimes a person has to write, even when she doesn’t want to, like when you owe your mom a letter or you’ve got to rsvp to an invitation. Or, like, when your husband is feeling the effects of a full moon and is practically ready to howl at it in desperation!

    Thx in advance! Your loyal reader.

  9. I am right in the middle. I truly enjoy writing, but sometimes it is forced. However, I do not let that stop me. For me it is an exercise in discipline. I started blogging two weeks ago with a promise to myself that I will do it daily. I have not failed in this. The payoff has been fans that read my work daily and ask that I keep them entertained. That inspires and strengthens me. So, even though it is laborious on many levels, it is a labor of love. When I finish a piece I step back, look at it and love it because it is mine and I created it – the harder it was to write, the more I love it.

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