On The Precipice Of Change

Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little quiet lately.  I know the usual excuse is the “Life Got In The Way” response, and that is definitely the one I will be throwing out.  You see my wife and I have been married for almost 5 years but we have been together for nearly 11 years (High School Sweet-hearts, cue the collective Awwwwwwww).  We have had our good and bad times.  We’ve had some great adventures (vacations) and some adventures that I would like to forget.  The one thing we haven’t had together is a child, but that is about to change.

About 3 weeks ago my wife visited me at work to inform me that it appears I will be a father.  Everything kind of went dark and I don’t really remember much directly after that.  I do remember attempting to be productive at work and failing miserably. 🙂

Now I’m 29 years old and by now most of my friends have already brought another life or two (or three or four) into the world.  My wife and I intentionally held off for various reasons ranging from her wanting to go back to school first, wanting to take another vacation together, and not wanting to have to pay for day care ever.  Yet I am a firm believer that what ever is supposed to happen will happen.

Just to be clear I do consider this to be great news!  Scary, but still great news.  I have enjoyed the “Just The Two Of Us” lifestyle that my wife and I have had all these years, but I am excited about opening a completely new chapter in our lives together.  I have been told of what awaits me in the months & years to follow, but in this case instead of reading or being told about the adventure I’m ready to take it on my own.

Also send money.



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12 responses to “On The Precipice Of Change

  1. A big congrats buddy!

    I’m not sure whether the guy is the flower or the bee, but way to be the male equal in that lost metaphor.

    My advice, start saving for college now.

  2. How exciting! Yet completely scary and life-altering. I can totally relate, but my husband and I aren’t quite there yet. It’s up to you to pave the way. Keep us posted. I’m sure you have more happy/freak out moments along the way. Somehow the tell us that’s normal. 🙂

    • VERY scary & life-altering. The wife and I have been married for 5 years and together for 11, and somehow I’m still not convinced we are ready 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the challenge and I’m confident it will give me plenty to write about in the future!

  3. yay, how exciting! love reading

  4. Congratulations… how exciting

  5. Congratulations! You’ll be a great papa!

  6. I am getting to know you by reading your post and I think you will be an amazing father… the words you write are an amazing gift! Best best wishes as you embark on the scariest most rewarding journey of your life!
    Take care to you both,

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and was touched by it. I think you are approaching this the right way. As a black, married father of two, I remember when my wife told ME those words. “I’m pregnant.” I was excited and nervous at the same time – keep that. It is exactly what will make you a wise, fair and grounded father.

  8. Yes – your “just the two of us” lifestyle will change. There will be endless sleepless nights too, but – let me keep my hand on my heart when I say this – in the long run, this will turn out to be about the best thing that has happened to you.

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