Trying The Twitter Thing…..Don’t Judge Me

Yes all the rumors you have heard are true I am trying out the Twitter thing.  I know all the cool kids are doing it with their baggy jeans, walking around with their walk-men, listening to that new-fangled rock & roll music.  Yet there is a reason behind this, outside of trying to get to sit at the cool lunch table.

One of the things I love about WordPress is the community.  I love discovering and reading different blogs & as many of you know I love commenting and sharing my demented thoughts.  There are times (mostly at work as I try to accomplish as little work as humanely possibly) that I will peruse blogs until my eyes bleed.  Now I have found quite a few bloggers that I like to follow & seem to share a lot of common interests with. So when I find a post that I think others would like, I want them to know about it.

So the goal behind my Twitter is when I find an interesting post I can let others know about it.  Not only that but I try to update my blog 2x a week (mostly Saturdays & Wednesdays) but things do come up, so whenever I post a new blog I will make sure it goes out through my Twitter feed.  So if I don’t do my scheduled Wed/Sat update people who follow me will still know when another horrible post has gone up.

Don’t worry I have no intentions of sharing what I plan on eating for breakfast/lunch/dinner or sharing what my exciting plans for tonight are that have nothing to do with you what-so-ever.  So if you are a part of the Twitter craze feel free to follow me @ TaureanWriter




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17 responses to “Trying The Twitter Thing…..Don’t Judge Me

  1. Anabelle

    There I’m following you 🙂

  2. @Nicolepasq….I too, am trying the Twitter thing. I mostly just use it to find/follow other writers, and it is great to have another outlet for my blog posts. I mainly use it as a billboard. See you on there!

  3. Hi: found you on Twitter 🙂 James’s welcome flagged you up. All the best. I love it in the twitterstream. I find out so much in such a short time. Fascinating….

  4. Let me know how it works out. I mean, is it as much of a time-sucker as I imagine it to be? Is it possible to communicate in 140 characters? Do you mind being called a Twit? Or maybe I’m a Twit for not being among the legions of people micro-communicating…;)

    • LOL, I’ll let you know.
      Currently my only plans are to advise of my new blogs & interesting blogs I may find. So far so good. And I’ve been called a lot worse then a Twit LONG before I joined Twitter 🙂

  5. Would like to comment that I’m following, but I have cold feet about Twitter! I’m not on it. Yet. Probably just a matter of time. Keep us posted on your foray into this brave new world…

  6. Good on you! I’ve been avoiding it for years, but I went to a social media seminar last Saturday given by Sam Borrett – he’s a whiz at this kind of thing. After that, I thought I’d better pull my socks up. With my lack of digital skill, it’ll probably take me months; still, I’m going to give it a go. Don’t want to end up like my Aunty Nellie, who couldn’t dial a telephone, and used to get total strangers in the street to dial for her.

    • I have no doubt that one day I will be that bad. May take a decade or two but ole Aunty Nellie & I will soon have a lot alike.
      Let me know when you join and your twitter name & I’ll follow you!

  7. Hi Taurean, Danielle told me about you and thought I’d drop you a line to say hello, even though I’m a Sagittarian. Twitter is great as are other forums; you just need to know how to get the best traction there. It is NOT just about having a large following but about being well connected.


    Twitter @samborrett. To those who have cold feet about it jump in anyway.
    Anyway if you want to find more out, you can start digging everywhere as I have done the last number of years. Now of course I teach people and give seminars, sometimes free.

  8. Danielle,

    play around with Twitter and have fun. Although it is a great medium for distribution and broadcasting and getting you rmessage/books out it is not a great place for advertising. It is a viral thing specifically and you also need to watch the trending topics and see where you fit in there. It’s a very “in the moment media. Sam

  9. Hi Taurean, we’re connected on Twitter now @samborrett…everyone who follows I follow back..just let me know about from where you came.


  10. Cynthia Bigrigg

    I get SO MUCH traffic to my blog using Twitter. I hope it is as useful to you as it has been to me!

  11. Could have written this post word per word 🙂 Will look you up 🙂

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