Creating A Story The Never Ends

I read a lot of books & watched a LOT of tv as a kid.  Some of those stories that I can remember bits and pieces from, others I can just remember the emotion they invoked.  Yet there is one story that I remember very vividly because of the way it made me feel & the way it opened up my mind.  That “story” is the movie A Never Ending Story.

I haven’t watched it in a couple of years but the last time I did I remember it had a little more cheese then I had remembered as a kid, but still gave me those same emotions it did to little me all those decades ago.

That got me wondering exactly what about it meant so much to me.  As a kid I loved to read & there were so many times when I wished I could meet the characters of my book and actively join them in their adventures instead of simply following them.  In The Never-Ending Story this pretty much comes true.

The part of that story that caused me to jump to my feet as a child (and I will admit the last time I watched it several years ago) was when the main character comes back to the real world and confronts the bullies that were picking on him.  Here’s a little reminder.

And the little, “But That’s Another Story” at the end really got to me.  I wanted to know what happened next, I didn’t want to leave the world, I wanted to continue following the main character.  And that is my goal.  To create characters that a reader never wants to part with.  To create a world that the reader never wants to leave.  So even when my story is over those characters and that world still take up a tiny place in that readers mind.  So years can pass but those feelings stick with that person and cause them to share the story with others.  So no matter how old the story is it continues to live on in the hearts and minds of all those who read it.


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7 responses to “Creating A Story The Never Ends

  1. That is the greatest reward a writer can ever hope for. Good post.

  2. That movie had the same Effect on me. I love that movie. In fact I just watched the New “Once Upon a Time” Show on ABC, which made me think of it, as so far, it takes place in Fairytale Land for part of the show, and the Real World for the other part.

    I agree, a story like that is the goal. There was nothing like the scene where he’s up in the Attic of his shchool, eating his bagged lunch, as the rain pours outside.

    Great Flick


  3. Thank you for taking me back down the “NeverEnding” road of my childhood. That is my absolute all-time favourite book and I still have the copy I was given in 1984. I lost count as to how many times I have read it but have to admit I have never seen the movie.(I might have to re-read it once again and then watch the movie to see if it evokes the same emotions.) Thank you for a wonderful post! I have no doubt you will create a “NeverEnding Character” who lives in a “NeverEnding World”.

  4. I have never seen that movie, but I feel you on creating a story that never ends with characters and world that are memorable. Kind of like The Lion King. This post is a reminder that I need to hurry up take that story telling class I so desire.

  5. It was one of my faves too. And for the exact reason it was yours! The person who wrote that must’ve felt the same way! That’s what we do as writers, right? Create stories we think are awesome?

  6. Your goal is a lofty but totally realistic one. Think of the people who live in your memory and what makes them so memorable, then create characters that have the depth and dimensions of those people. Everyone has at least one really great and one really annoying quality, the other features are personality quirks, minor ones that play off the central positive and negative aspects of their inherent nature.

    That’s what I see when observing human behavior, at least…

  7. Oh my goodness I loved that movie as a kid! I mean I wore out the VHS tape on which my mom recorded it from HBO. I have a dance version of the theme song on my shuffle and when it comes up while I’m running, I can’t help but giggle and feel like a kid again. Great post and great point. I would love to write characters that make the reader ask, “what’s next” after the final page.

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