Twitter Makes Me Feel Old

I’m 30 years old, Twitter makes me feel like I’m 70.  There was a time when I had mastered everything technological.  Having problems with your modem, move aside & let me work.  What do you mean you’re having problems getting onto AOL, let me handle that for you.  Yes I know the difference between RAM & Hard Drive can be a little tricky let me explain.  As the years have went by technology is starting to look more & more like Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Take Twitter for example.  I expected to storm onto ‘Twitter, master it in a couple of hours, and then leave it as the unquestioned ruler.  Instead I stumbled onto twitter with my shirt untucked, shoe laces untied,  & a booger hanging from my nose.  Why can’t I type anymore?  Why am I on that list?  What does # mean?  Why would I want to follow Asthon Kutcher?  Why is the person I followed tweeting every 5 minutes detailing their bathroom break.  Needless to say I wet myself & fled screaming at the top of my lungs. 

Since then I have humbly returned and am slowly attempting to learn the intricacies of the twitter-verse.  That person who was tweeting every 5 minutes?  I gave them the ole AOL “GOOD BYE”.  I now understand the character restriction.  Still refuse to follow Ashton Kutcher.  And will fully admit # still baffles me.  Yet I have found a group of people I like to follow & who entertain me.  I have also learned to utilize twitter by telling everyone about my new posts & sharing really good posts I have read.

So in summation I still feel like I need to sign up for AARP whenever I get on twitter but I no longer feel like my hip is going to break.  If you all have any suggestions for people to follow who are entertaining let me know!

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17 responses to “Twitter Makes Me Feel Old

  1. Janece

    I also confess… I’m on Twitter, but don’t spend much time there.As I tweeted last week:

    “Tweeting often feels like being in a crowded room of schizophrenics. Everyone is talking but very few are talking TO someone. Just AT them.”

    • yes, I agree. I put a tweet out about once a day, I don’t have a smart phone, and heaven forbid, as a parent I have other priorities. Is it better to be a Master Ninja Tweeter and your kids are eating frosting under the sink? I don’t think so…

  2. Nice blog. I have not tweeted yet, but one day I might. It is nice to know some else in the world is not tech savy. Keep me updated how the Twitter is coming.

  3. To be honest, I have absolutely no interest in neither Facebook, nor Twitter.

    I don’t actually think of those things as “Technology”, as like you, I’ve always done pretty well with Technology.

    I just simply don’t have any interest.

    But, I am also a very Private Person, so “Social Networks”, and “Moment by Moment” Updates about someone elses life, have no meaning for me.

    If anything, I miss “The Hand Shake”, and or just “Grabbing a Drink” with someone, or someones.

    Twitter Feels Neurotic, because it is Neurotic, don’t let anyone full yah. (No Offense Intended to all you Twitterers out there)

    There’s nothing “Natural” about being in someone elses head… Unless maybe yer a Doc, helpen em out.

    I did have a Myspace Account way, way back… But I didn’t use it much… I can appreciated the whole “Keeping in Touch” thing, but not so much the REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH thing, though I do like to REFRESH somethings… Just not weather someone is done feeding their fish or not, lol


  4. So true! For a platform that’s technically stupid-easy to use, Twitter takes a long time to master. It’s something of an acquired taste. For me, the key was figuring out how to stick my toe in the water without falling in.

  5. Hi Taurean, It’s so great to see someone I regard as young complaining about twitter. I started there about 10 days ago. Aieee! It’s like being in the Wilderness of Zin, nothing computes. Nothing about the site is easy to follow, at one stage I was sending tweets to myself. Exciting. It doesn’t follow any logical pattern and I don’t want to follow Stephen Fry. I’m still confused. I actually read in a book (you remember those things) what # meant – but I have forgotten it and lent the book to someone else.
    I have no hints, no messages of hope, I can’t even get my photo up there and I have managed that on other sites. I think it’s just a matter of sticking it out and maybe, one day it will click. Maybe, maybe …
    Follow me on twitter (I couldn’t work out how to get the twitter Follow button here.)!/de_valera

  6. Taurean, just came across the most amazingly useful site on creatives and the web. The article whose link I’m supplying is amazing, BUT the guy – who’s a poet – also has about 20 other articles you can click on – all to do with creative people and the web. Do have a look at
    It’s well worth the time. (It answers all Dark Jade’s objections, by the way.)

  7. Oh I hear you. I still don’t understand the whole # function. And the 140 character limit sometimes annoy me to no end. Don’t they know I’m the ‘Queen of Elaboration’? Let’s persevere together!

  8. If you’re 30 and feel old on Twitter, imagine me: 54 and I don’t “do” Facebook or Twitter. Blogging is as social-networky as I get. Bravo to you for trying (I guess). I miss cell phones that actually were used to call people… 😐

  9. LOL, I’m older than you and feel the same way!!! Great blog 🙂

  10. Janece

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Grateful for having made your acquaintence through blogging!

  11. Loved the column about Twitter. If you’re 30 and Twitter makes you feel like 70, imagine what it does to me at age 75. Smile (I’m still trying to master emoticons)

  12. LOL! I’ve been a Twitter-Quitter twice and I’ve vowed to stick with it.

  13. I’m a couple chapters into my sixties and have come to find twitter a real deal. At first, like you, those 140 characters, #hash tags, and follow Monday nonsense, struck me as just that, nonsense. But now I find it the fastest news aggregate on the web.

    The key is who you follow. My interest, being politics and news, affords me to follow so many news wires and players, and people with the political jones, the updates just roll by.

    I retweet far more than post 140, but hold my own. And the laughs never stop when a debate or Cubs game is happening and people are tweeting about it live. And that’s one of the things those #hashtags are for…as in #Cubs or #GOPdebate.

    I’ve gone long here, sorry, but for you guys and gals who are hesitant to give it a shot, Twitter can be big fun, a useful resource and very timely.


  14. Great to hear you say that, Doug. Since leavng a comment much earlier, I’ve got on top of twitter and am really quite amazed. I only currently have 8 followers, but between them those 8 have 41,000. That’s not a bad 1-generation potential piece of publicity for an emerging writer wanting to promote their book. Twitter is the new word-of-mouth.

  15. I have a Twitter account, and that is finally making SOME sense to me, but I still feel REALLY old when someone tries to text me. I want to scream at them,”You’re on the phone already, just CALL me!!! If I’m not there, leave a message.” I’ll be shopping on Amazon for that shiny new walker any day now! LOL 🙂

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