The Daddy Chronicles: The Horrors Of Baby Registries

The Daddy Chronicles will follow my misadventures of learning how to be a father.  My wife is due on March 4th, the preparation is under way….



The baby registry sounds so simple,  you make a list of baby stuff you want & then it magically appears.  Not only that but you can create baby registries online.  So I had this grand vision of sitting on my butt in my pajamas, sleep-crust still blocking most of my peripheral vision, coffee in one hand, one eye on the registry, the other on my TV.  Oh how very wrong I was.

At first it was simple, the wife & I started up a baby registry on Amazon.  Then I was advised that we need to have a nice mix of items we want (i.e. the more expensive luxury items), things we need (apparently babies don’t know how to use the bathroom & need to be feed daily), and “throw-in items”.  Now throw-in items were explained to me as items that people will purchase because they’re cheap & cute.  OR are items that less financially-able individuals are able to purchase so they can get you something but aren’t put in a bind.  Already way more thought then I was planning on putting into this.

Then I was advised that we have to go to these ancient ruins known as “stores” to also create additional baby registries.  As not everyone shops online!?!  Imagine my surprise when I am told there are individuals who still do the majority of their shopping in these ancient relics.  I remember hearing about lost tribes in the amazon that are found & have no idea there are more technological advanced cultures out there.  So if you were to hand them a lighter they would think it was witchcraft.  As we walked through these brick & mortar stores I couldn’t help but wonder if I would get the same reaction if I showed them a laptop with on it.   Three stores later our registries are complete, I’m exhausted, and after avoiding old ladies pushing shopping carts all day am reminded as to why I don’t like people.

Yes I know these are the very definition of 1st-World problems.  As people in Africa are battling just to find food I am complaining about making a glorified wishlist.

Already though I am beginning to realize this whole “having a kid” thing might not be all fun & games  🙂

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13 responses to “The Daddy Chronicles: The Horrors Of Baby Registries

  1. Good luck, man. This is ONLY the beginning… I know that and I don’t even have a kid, just 10 nieces and nephews. lol

  2. Good luck with your registries!! A good friend of mine just finished hers.

    Congrats!! 🙂


  4. This is a very exciting time, registries notwithstanding. The blog will be a valuable record of the wild journey of parenthood. And wild it is. Make sure your seat is in the upright position and that your seat belt is fastened…

  5. They change your life. My son is 9, you are just starting out. Congrats! : )

  6. No children, just nieces and nephews. After getting to know the first few, my wife and I considered that this was the better plan. 🙂

  7. HI! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    What people never tell you is half the crap that everyone tells you that you “need” you really don’t. You need clothes for the baby and a place for him/her to sleep. Someway to feed said child and someway to keep poop and pee off of everything, but other than that everything else is optional. After the boy we realized real quick what was really necessary and what wasn’t. With the girl we ended up with a lot less useless/unimportant junk.

    If you are of the mind of getting your kids vaccinated…I would recommend things like Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen and a good ear thermometer (vaccines or no) on your registries. Saline nose stuff (Ayr makes a kind just for babies) and other various infant related medical items. Those are the things few people every think to get and you always need.

    Good luck!

  8. Crap, I forgot about baby registries.
    I thought the wedding one was it. Ugh… I’m sure the ladies and Bed, Bath, and Beyond will try to sell us some China again. >.>


  9. And then there’s all those thank you notes. Good luck with the wee one.

  10. Janece

    Just a little suggestion: Keep it simple! All the stuff out there just means there’s more stuff to wash, find room for, pick up, put batteries in, disinfect, store and listen to. Baby’s need just a couple of things: Diapers, Clothes, and a lot of love from Mama and Daddy (of course, Mama is the food wagon, too! LOL)

    CONGRATULATIONS on your baby!!!

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