How Do You Blog?

My wife was making fun of me the other day because whenever I’m getting ready to blog about something I go through the EXACT same routine.  This of course led me to blog about my blogging habits due to being made fun of.

The first thing I do is grab a cup of coffee, 3 sugars, with a 2 second shot of creamer (This is very important).  Then I set up my laptop on the breakfast nook’s table.  I have the tv on to something (usually sports-related) but the volume is either muted or VERY low.  My giant fluffy Missouri sports slippers are either on my feet or close by, in case my feet get cold.  Lastly I have my Kindle Fire as I sometimes note writing ideas down on the notepad in case I need a spark.

I usually only write posts on the weekend.  During the work week I usually don’t get off until late & by the time I get home it’s time to eat, spend some quality time with the wife & not a whole lot else.  So normally I’m able to knock out @ least 2 posts.  One of which I will usually post immediately & another that I will save and post later on in the week.  This means my draft folder is filled with both finished posts & “work-in progress” posts.

Not overly exciting but consistent enough that my wife always knows when I’m about to start pounding on the ole keyboard.  What about you all, any interesting blogging habits?

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20 responses to “How Do You Blog?

  1. sweetopiagirl

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  2. Nothing terribly interesting here about habits. Like you, I pretty much do it as time permits, when I don’t need that time to write something else. I’m amazed I get as much done as I do.

  3. Working a part-time job, I do have plenty of time to blog. I post anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week – depending on what I have to say, if anything at all. When I DO post, I usually post from bed (where I am right now), still in my pajamas and slippers, while watching something mindless (sound up) on television.

    Sometimes I use the boyfriend’s desktop computer, still in my pajamas, with my own cozy slippers on the floor on or near my feet, as mine tend to get cold, too.

    If I didn’t have time for a Starbucks run beforehand, or the energy to make a cup of tea at home, I usually have some orange juice or a glass of water nearby. All that blogging makes me thirsty!

  4. I spend more time reading other blogs and responding than I do writing these days. I miss the writing, but there are so many wonderful blogs to read. I haven’t found the balance yet. But that’s not so surprising: I am dizzy all the time, so balance is tricky for me as it is!

  5. Janece

    LOL @ the big fluffy slippers. For me, it’s my Uggs and this poncho thingy…It’s dark brown, knitted, and has a fringe of rabbit pelt along the end. WHY I have to channel Pocahontas, the Indian Princess, when I write – I haven’t a clue.

    Oh, and I light a candle…to the right of me…and coffee, of course. Lots and lots of coffee.

    My blogging style has changed over the years. I was once a serial blogger – a blog post a day, regardless. But now I blog when I can, when I feel inspired. My style is more “stream of consciousness”…never premeditated, and hardly even edited (much to my own chagrined when I look at what I’ve published. I AM getting better at using the spelling correction thingy though.)

    Does your wife blog?? My husband is very supportive, fortunately. Not all S.O.s are, of this crazy thing we call the writer’s life 🙂

  6. I Blog a lot, but most of my Blogging I do from my Living Room, one foot up on the Coffee Table, very Taboo I know, but I bought it many moons ago, so it’s not like I’m putting my foot on someone elses Coffee Table, lol

    I place the Mouse Pad on the Couch to my Right, with my Mouse on it, as my Computer is also a Laptop, at the moment I don’t actually have a Desktop… Not for a while now.

    Generally I get a Glass of Orange Juice, or a Diet Soda… Often times I either make myself some food first, and bring it with me… Or throw something on the Stove, or in the Toaster Oven to eat.

    Most of the time I have my Headset on, and Listen to one of my Pandora Channels.

    No Slippers for me, but I basically live Full Time in Socks, lol

    I don’t Edit my Work, it’s either Right out of my Head, or Right out of a Notebook where I’ve Written something Prior.


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  8. I have a battered old checked cotton coat that I found on a fence post in a park a few years back. I like to wear that and warm slippers and legwarmers when it’s cold. I’m trying very hard to drink tea with lemon and honey these days, (the kidneys, y’know) but when I really want that kick in the youknowwhere, I resort to coffee. I usually blog on Sundays, don’t quite know why, as I’m home every day, and one day’s pretty much like another. I think it’s becausse I find blogging hard, and by telling myself that I must post somethng on Sunday I feel I’ve got all week to consider it.

  9. I read a lot… when a particular idea or quote speaks to me, I note it in my kindle… Or I quickly open my blog (if I’m at the computer) and cut/paste so I will have it later when my juices are flowing or after I have had time to mull it over. I also blog well when I’m angry. Go figure.

  10. Nothing as systematic as yours. I do have to turn the TV volume right down to mute. More and more, I utilise my 1-hour lunch break at work and ‘bash’ the keyboard keys vigorously to type up a post 🙂

  11. I open my laptop, type the blog out as quick as I can. Hope to god I didn’t make more than 7 mistakes then hit post.

    Then I surf other people’s blogs, edit mine a little better, then go write/read/hang out with the misses/play a video game.

  12. I usually get something done late at night right before bed. Daddy duties and chores keep me pretty busy. : ) I usually do it on the bed in my night clothes, a t-shirt and sweats. I try to get one done a few days.

  13. I’ll work it around the rest of my writing, when I feel inspired. I’d like to make it a weekly habit. Usually a cup of tea or a good rant precedes.

  14. I write at work and at home. I usually blog whenever it hits me. Sometimes, good things happen. Sometimes, not so much.

  15. I can’t write at home. It’s weird, but I get too distracted. So I have to do most of my writing at a coffee house or at a bar. For some reason, the random chaos around me focuses my thoughts and the words come much easier.

  16. I’m not sure yet. I’m new to blogging but I do know coffee is a must. Other than that I’m usually surfing back and forth on wordpress trying to figure out what to do and how to use it better.

  17. Blogging is a random process for me, much like my ADHD brain. I get an idea that swirls a while, I pose questions, and search for answers. Sometimes I finish the post right away and other times the ideas need to simmer a bit.

    Great post. Lots of great discussion here. Keep up the awesome work!

  18. pacellaml

    All of my blogs definitely start with a cup of coffee and some good music pumping through my headphones. And I definitely do my best work outside of my home office: In a coffee shop, airport, etc.

  19. Hey friend i praise your blog well done!

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