The Best Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me

I lost my mother 6 years ago and it has been 2 years since my dad passed away.  The holidays are the time of year when that loss is not easy to ignore.  Yet when Christmas rolls around I can honestly say that my feelings are more positive than negative due to an inexpensive gift my parents gave me long ago.

Growing up we didn’t have everything we wanted but we had everything we needed.  Looking back there is only one gift I remember getting that really stuck with me & that was my very first Nintendo Entertainment System.  The rest of the gifts just blur together into a giant heap of happy moments.

The gifts have faded from my memory but the times haven’t.  I remember watching  Christmas movies on Christmas eve.  We would all be huddled around each other, with the Christmas Tree in the corner, watching our favorite movies until late in the night.  I remember waking up way too early and running into my parents room waking them up.  I remember my mother always being the one to pass out gifts because she knew the exact order they needed to be passed out in.  I remember my father always doing a little dance every time he opened his gift from us & flashing a smile that still brings me warmth to this day.  I remember my mother making our Christmas meal while we all played with our new toys and despite the fact we were hungry, never wanting to stop playing with those toys long enough to eat.

I no longer have my Nintendo, despite how much I loved it at the time I ended up losing interest & moving on to other things.   All those gifts that I unwrapped all those years ago have either broke, been lost, or given away.  It was the gift my parents gave me that I didn’t have to unwrap that has stuck with me all these years, my Christmas memories.  I can still look back & feel just as secure and loved today as I did in those moments.  My mother & father may not physically still be here but every Christmas it feels like they are.  As I prepare for my wife & I’s first child to enter this world it’s my goal to give them the same thing.  The gift that never breaks, gets lost, or becomes obsolete.  A gift that will be with them long after I have left this earth.

So thanks mom & dad for the great memories……….and for that kick ass Nintendo Entertainment System.  I love you.

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6 responses to “The Best Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me

  1. Janece

    What a sweet post. Those memories are the building blocks that your own family traditions can be built on. One day your child will be able to look back fondly, and remember something that Dad and Mom did on Christmas that will forever stay with them 🙂

    I smiled when I read about your mom passing out the presents. I do that, too!!! Merry Christmas! (and just think, by this time next year, there shall be three of you under that mistle toe!! Yay!)

  2. Merry Christmas Man

    DarkJade (Mine was an Atari 2600, and later an Atari 5200) lol

  3. The best gifts are the ones locked inside our hearts. As I break all the traditions of my childhood, I’m wondering what my son will cling to for his holiday memories… Life is change and traditions die along with everything else. I’ll have to ask him…

  4. Congratulations you have been nominated for the Kreativ blogger award! Please check it out at

  5. As a child of the generation of NES systems, the gift was a clear indicator of your street credit and just how much your parents did love you.

    Best. Gift. Ever.

    Well that or the pony…

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