The Daddy Chronicles: The Books

The Daddy Chronicles will follow my misadventures of learning how to be a father.  My wife is due on March 4th, the preparation is under way….

Something I am really looking forward to is reading to my child.  I can remember having dozens upon dozens of children’s books as a kid & even before I could read I would flip through & drool on the pages as I admired the pictures.  I have already begun searching for the perfect books for my future little one.

The Poky Little Puppy

How can you not like the Poky Little Puppy?!?  It has everything you need drama, suspense, & a great happy ending.  This is one I can remember reading as a kid & I love the old school illustrations.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

Not only is this a beautiful book but it’s fun to read.  This will probably be the first book I read to the little one.  Its catchy and brings back some good memories.

The Ugly Duckling

Classic Hans Christian Anderson story.  Great moral.  Nuff said

The Monster At The End Of This Book

The book that obliterated the 4th wall.  This blew my mind as a kid and I still have fond memories of it to this day.  If this book doesn’t make a kid want to read NOTHING will.

I’m still searching & adding to my collection, any other stories you all suggest or have fond memories of?

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10 responses to “The Daddy Chronicles: The Books

  1. I love all four of those books. Your child is going to appreciate it, I promise!

  2. I loved reading to Alex and loved it as much. It’s a wonderful way to bond.

    I found that my favorite books weren’t necessarily his (as he grew old enough to make his choices known). When that happens, let him/her go to the library or book store and pick out a couple of her/his own books. Alex loved that. Of course, you’ll be there to supervise…

  3. those are all classics! My son has his own library of old books. I found him a hardcopy of Danny and the Dinosaur, one of my childhood favorites. : )

  4. I always Loved Dr. Seus Books… The Guy was a Genius, and his Books were Memorable, and Adorable.

    Later James and the Giant Peach, and Charlotte’s Web seem to come to mind, but those would be much later.

    Curious George wasn’t bad.


    • It’s impossible to read a Dr. Seus book and not have a smile on your face, it’s similar to the Law Of Physics, it can’t be broken.

      I really looking forward to jumping into Charlotte’s Web & James & The Giant Peach books when he is older. I’ve heard Cloudy WIth A Chance Of Meatballs is another good one

  5. Puddin

    When they’re really little, infant-to-toddler range, a copy of “Goodnight, Moon” is a must have. It’s the perfect bedtime book. After that? Oh, yeah, Seuss for sure.

  6. Mo Willems is by far our favorite children’s author. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Knuffle Bunny, Edwina… I’ve yet to find a bad book he’s written.

    My 2-year old LOVES The Monster at the End of this Book… but did you know there’s an iPad app for it? It’s so awesome, and a sequel with Elmo. Highly rec both of those, if you have an iPad.

    Congrats on becoming a dad, reading to my child is still one of my favorite parts of parenthood 🙂

  7. survivorscribe

    Great selection!!! I loved children’s books. Started a collection long before I had kids. I was substitute teaching recently and during library time the kids, and I, got to see a movie on Eric Carle and his process of creating books. He talked about Brown Bear. It was his first book. I loved hearing him talk about his writing process. He said he likes to think of himself as a picture writer. I thought that was cool.

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