Recording My Ideas


During my “Idea Phase” I love to throw thousands of things to the wall and see what sticks.  The problem with doing this is that by the end of the process I have a notepad that looks like it has been through World War II.  I struggle to decipher my own handwriting and there isn’t really any kind of order or organization to what gets written where.  So when I attempt to go over my ideas I usually spend the majority of my time sifting through complete chaos.  With that said I have found a little program that I’m quite happy with.

If you’re like me then your ideas come at the strangest time.  Whether it be in the middle of the night, while your driving to work, using the restroom, or in the middle of a really good scene in a movie.  I don’t always have my notepad on me but one thing I do have is my Kindle Fire.  Now in their apps store I found a little program called Evernote.

This handy-dandy little program allows you to keep track of your ideas by either typing them in, recording a voice message, and even taking photos of whatever inspirational image you have just found.  Not only that but your information also exists in the cloud.  So you can access it through your mobile device, work computer, home computer, etc.  So far this thing has really helped me not only keep track of my different ideas but organize it in a way that doesn’t hurt my brain.

The program is free so if you struggle to organize your thoughts and/or your just tired of notepads I HIGHLY suggest it!

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3 responses to “Recording My Ideas

  1. Totally agree, I love evernote too! Not its “Hello” app though, that is just wrong. It is the solution to those wretched pieces of paper that just go hide.

  2. What a great idea! I’ve never heard of evernote, but since I’m guilty of post-it note disasters it’d definitely be worth a try.

  3. Very Cool

    You Should Repost this on The Dark Globe


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