Are Book Trailers Effective?

I buy (and read) books for a couple of different reasons.  If I am a fan of an author then I’m willing to try anything they write even if it is in a genre I’m not a fan of.  I’ll also give a book a chance if it has an interesting premise.  With that said I know it can be hard to encapsulate the awesomeness of a book in a couple of paragraphs on the back cover.  There was an interesting article recently in The Writer that talked about how more people are creating book trailers to promote their books.  Below are a couple.




My question to you all is this, have you ever purchased a book because it had a good trailer?  Is it worth putting  in the time, $$, etc to create a book trailer?



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17 responses to “Are Book Trailers Effective?

  1. Nice question! I think book trailers are still in their early days, and actually have a lot of potential as a marketing device. I do think though, most of the time, that I only watch book trailers *after* I’ve read the book – like as a ‘fan’ thing more than an aid to help decide whether to read a book or not. But as I said, if it does grow more, then I definitely think that it’ll be worth the effort and money put into them.

    • I saw a book trailer a year or two back and it was very…..primitive. The few I checked out for this post were much more advanced. So I can see the evolution.

  2. If my reaction to these two trailers is anything to go by, then I think the answer would be YES! Both were intriguing in their own way. The first one gave me a voice of the main character to hear as I read. The second is a great “Hook” that leaves the viewer wanting to know more. So I would say yes, trailers can be very effective IF done correctly. I’ve seen a few duds that left me indifferent or totally turned off.

    • I’ll admit I’m intrigued by the Offword trailer. So much so that I looked it up and I’m considering purchasing it. So it seems like it is another way to get your premise out into the world

      • Taurean – I agree w/ you but I have a question. A pro trailer producer told me he makes them for the big houses. they use them to promote books to wholesalers at conferences. Without that built-in audience, how does a regular Joe get his trailer seen?

  3. No I haven’t, but I’ve only Written/Self Published a Small Poetry Book so far… I really think it depends on how many People Actually Watch the Trailer… If it doesn’t get much exposure, than it probably won’t have much effect… Which means, where and how do you position it to be seen?

    In such a Competitive World such as “Writing”, I don’t think it would hurt to do one… Especially for a Full Blown Book… But like I say, the more important question is, how will you make sure that it is actually seen?

    Nice Post


  4. I have been encouraged to pick up a book based on a trailer.

  5. I’ve been thinking that when I finally get my book out there, I should do a trailer, so it’s good to hear that they can sometimes influence readers. I suspect that they need to be pretty short and have a good ‘hook’ though, as they need to be the sort of thing you might share with other people. There are a few out there which are pretty ordinary, but I guess they are a good lesson in what not to do! 🙂

  6. Based on those two trailers, I’d say trailers can be pretty affective in getting readers to buy a book! Both got me interested.Once I finish my first novel, maybe a trailer would be worth investing some time/money in. 🙂

  7. Hey Taurean,
    This is a great post! And you know, it’s a clever marketing tool that blurs the lines of entertainment between movies and books. Would I use one? Heck yah if the budget fairy would come to visit! I can tell you from my day job in PR and marketing that each of the 1:30 trailers probably cost about $7,500 to produce (maybe more, maybe less, but that’s about what we pay for videos).
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Reblogged this on I Make Stuff Up and commented:
    My blogger buddy Taureanw posted this a while back about book trailers. It’s a brilliant post and even more clever device to market books – had to share!

  9. Good question! I think they can be effective if they capture the mood and feel of a book properly. I have seen some cheesy ones so those wouldn’t be as effective. I think if it is done right, an author can reach a lot more people with a trailer.

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