Self-Publishing – The Story Idea

Self-Publishing is a series of posts that follows my desperate attempts at developing, writing, and eventually self-publishing my own book.  Follow along if you dare, or are just really bored.

In choosing a story to develop into a series I had to find something that I found interesting, but also something that had enough story potential to last for more then one book.  I batted around a lot of different ideas.  From a sci-fi story that I kinda/sorta developed my freshman year of college, to an X-Files-ish series that I always wanted to read when I was younger.  Ultimately I settled on a very basic idea that I actually used to think about every time I tried to fall asleep.

Some people count sheep, some read a book, others simply fall asleep like an adult.  I am unable to do any of those things.  I love to read and typically do right before laying my head down, the problem is that once my head is down on that oh-so-comfy pillow I just kind of lay there.  You see the sleep I am after is similar to that really awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play set I wanted as a kid.  I would go to the store and see it there, I could even touch it for a brief moment, but there is no way my parents were going to buy it for me.  So, I guess my lack of sleep is due to my parents stinginess/lack of funds?  Sorry, got off track there for a moment.  What I’m trying to say is I have a hard time falling asleep (Never been accused of brevity).

So one of the things I would do to fall asleep is day dream about What-If scenarios.  Basically I would day dream that I was in a particular situation and imagine what I would do.  One of my favorites was an end of the world scenario where I had to attempt to provide for my family and protect them from a world that was in utter chaos.  The reason the world was ending usually varied from zombie apocalypse, complete financial breakdown, etc, etc.  The common thread was doing what needed to be done to survive and protect those I loved.

I ultimately decided the end of the world should be due to the world going dark.  All the electricity and things I take for granted would suddenly disappear.  I am, and was, aware there have been hundreds of stories with this same basic premise so the next step was finding what would set it apart.  So tune in next bat-week at the same bat-channel to find out.



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