Self-Publishing – What’s The Hook

Self-Publishing is a series of posts that follows my desperate attempts at developing, writing, and eventually self-publishing my own book.  Follow along if you dare, or if you’re just really bored.

So last time I droned on incessantly about how I came up with the idea for my series, but was too lazy to delve into what sets it apart from other End-O-The-World stories.  Well one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given is to write what you want to read.  I have read the back of many books and fallen in love with the premise only to dive in and find it emotionally wanting and cold, this was something I wanted to avoid.  So I needed to find an emotional core to the series.

Another great piece of advice I was given it to Write What You Know.  The problem of course is that I don’t know a whole lot.  I mean if you want mindless Back To The Future trivia tidbits or reasons why The Wizard starring Fred Savage is one of the most under appreciated movies of all time then I’m your man.  The problem is I don’t think there is a large market out there for those kind of books.  Now if you disagree let me know because I’ll totally jettison this idea for one those ideas.

I know what I’ve experienced and something I have found fascinating is the power of family, specifically parents, and the effect they can have on a person(Both bad and good).  As some of you know I have lost people close to me, individuals who had a HUGE effect on the person I am today.  I have also lost a parent whose motivations I never truly understood.  A person who deep down was caring and loving but had a weakness that caused untold amounts of strife and heartache.

My hook is, what if in this horrible situation we had a family who had just lost their emotional anchor and the only person left is someone who has provided just as much angst (if not more) then love.  Can they trust this person?  And from that person’s POV how do they fight their demons in order to protect the people they love from the breakdown of society?

As I have begun writing, this dynamic has added a lot to the story and helped separate it (in my mind at least) from just another end-o-the-world story.  It has also helped me untangle, just a tad at least, the complex web that was my father.

So there you have it.  The foundation that my story/series is being built on.  In future I will dive more into the story and the struggle to develop it further!




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5 responses to “Self-Publishing – What’s The Hook

  1. Great take on the ‘write what you know’ advice that very writer hates to hear, but deep down we know it’s the truth. Although a Back to the Future trivia book could have potential….

  2. I love this idea. To me, fiction is about getting people to FEEL things. If there’s no emotion, it’s just a text book. I’ve had my own parental issues (an absentee mother with whom I haven’t spoken in nearly fourteen years), so feel like I can relate to the content. And I love PA books. Terrific premise.

    I’m adding this blog to my RSS reader. Very interested in where you go on your self-publishing journey. Drop me a line if you ever want to talk shop.

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