Self-Publishing – The Trailer

Self-Publishing is a series of posts that follows my desperate attempts at developing, writing, and eventually self-publishing my own book. Follow along if you dare, or if you are just really bored.


One of the ways I decided I could stand out from the crowd was to develop a book trailer to give readers a taste of the basic premise of the book.  Now luckily I have already dabbled in the world of book trailers.

When my son was born I purchased a camcorder along with Corel Videostudio so that I could record his “firsts” and burn them onto cd’s to send to friends and family.  At that time Amazon Studios would occasionally have contests where people could develop a book trailer and submit it with the winners receiving various prizes.  I entered two of these contests Murder by Moonlight and The Seed (video is no longer available).  In both I was a runner-up and won a signed copy of the book.

So needless to say when it came time to come up with marketing ideas a book trailer was one of the first things I decided to do.  So without further ado, I present the trailer for After The Event!


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11 responses to “Self-Publishing – The Trailer

  1. Two quick questions, did you shoot all the footage or just some of it? And #2 did you produce the music yourself?

  2. I got the footage, music, and sound effects from For $99/year you get unlimited downloads of all their video footage. All I did was edit everything all together and throw my covers at the end!

  3. You build great suspense here and use the music very well. I get a clear understanding of the story. Now that you’ve created the trailer, how are you going to market it, as well?

    • Thanks!
      I’m a member of several sites – mobileread, Kindleboard, goodreads, etch & I plan on linking my trailer & website there as well as on several listing sites.

      I’m also on KDP Select so I’m hoping to use some of their promotions to get the 1st book in people’s hands. And since I’m releasing the 2nd book at the same time I’m hoping readers who enjoy the 1st book will immediately pick up the 2nd.

      My marketing budget consists of time not $ so I’m hoping to get it out there and hopefully encourage others to spread the word!

  4. What a fabulous job on the trailer. This is a genre that is hard to grab my attention but you’ve done it.

    Good luck to you!

  5. Really well done. Makes me want to read the book.

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