Self-Publishing – At The Eve Of Launch

Self-Publishing is a series of posts that follows my desperate attempts at developing, writing, and eventually self-publishing my own book.  Follow along if you dare, or if you’re just really bored.

After The EventThe Remnants

I’ve talked about the idea , the hook, how I was going to publish, how many books I was going to write, announced the title, revealed the cover, debuted the trailer, and introduced my website.  The only thing left to do is to release the damn thing!

This journey has been a long one, and some of you have been riding along with me since the beginning over 2 years ago!!  I just want to thank everyone for their support, advice and interest.  As every writer knows there were days when it felt like everything I put down on paper was gold, than there were days when it felt like I was just puking on the page.  Some days publishing seemed possible, others, nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet through it all I continued to write and read your encouragement and advice until I finally got to this point.

I’ll be releasing another post here shortly when the books go live so you all will be the first to know, but before things got crazy I just wanted to say thanks!


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