I’m A Published Author

Despite the fact I have been for a week and a day I still haven’t wrapped my head around that yet.  The journey to get published has been an even longer one than even I have been able to realize.  But it’s done!

So what does that mean?  That means that I have to prevent myself from checking how many books I have sold every hour on the hour.  It means that I need to balance pimping my book through social media and actually interacting with people.  It also means I need to get back to work writing.

I have been pleased with the progress so far.  I expected to have good days and bad days but so far – knock on wood – I have sold at least a couple books every day.  While I’m still trying to gather a few more reviews, the one I have gotten was a 5-star so I can’t complain too much.

I’m a published author and yet the world still goes on, only now the sun seems a little brighter and the air just a tad bit fresher!





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14 responses to “I’m A Published Author

  1. TAW, with a good cover design, great video, and a professional looking blog — not to mention 326 followers already — you are well on the way to doing the right thing. Yes, you must continue to write, but as a self published author you must go way beyond. Writing a book (good or bad one) is a tremendous task — but for the self published author there is also the task of marketing, without which even the best book goes unsold. Marketing is tough (I’ll do an expanded blog soon) but in the age of social media it is so much easier than before. Hang in there! Keep at it.

  2. Jim Brennan

    Congratulations! Being published is a huge achievement and takes more stamina and persistance than most people can imagine. Stay focused and get back to writing.

  3. Ms. Marcie

    Many blessings on being published. That was the easy part. Now, it’s time to market your way to even greater success. And remember, marketing is an ongoing activity so each effort will bring you closer to even more book sales and higher visibility.

  4. Nice job! And try not to get too OCD about checking book sales or Amazon stats, just keep writing and enjoy the process. Also, have you tried a Goodreads Giveaway to gather reviews? You can give away one print copy, but offer entrants a free e-book in exchange for a review. I’ve snagged some great reviews and met some fans this way.

  5. Wondering how it’s going? I saw this and thought it might have some nuggets you might be able to use: http://www.derekhaines.ch/justpublishing/brand-yourself-not-your-book/

  6. I’m curious to hear how your marketing works out. I picked up your first book. I’ll post a review once I read it next week.

    • Appreciate the support!
      I’ll let you all know. I’m doing a free promo at the moment which is going REALLY well, and I should do a follow up post shortly after to go over what I learned!

      • I finished both your books. I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t buy the second book because of the price, but I did anyway. I’m glad I did, because it’s really much better than the first.

        I look forward to your follow up post.I’m assuming you chose to be in Select, why did you make that jump instead of going everywhere?

  7. Thanks for the support J.A.!!!
    Yeah the price on the 2nd book is something I’m looking at closely. I’m experiencing a very nice sales bump on the 2nd book because of the promo I recently did giving away the 1st book, but once that dies down I want to watch and see where it goes. $4.99 is on the higher end so I it is something I may experiment with.

    I did choose to be in Select and I probably should do a post going into those reasons. The main reason is that for everyone I talked to (close to 20-30 indie authors) and the books I read that dealt with increasing sales(4-5) the benefits of being exclusive to Amazon outweighed the fact your books were only available from one place. After my 3 day promo the sales for my first book jumped over 100% and haven’t dropped down yet. The 2nd book has been the same. But I’ll keep you all in the loop!

    If you get a chance J.A. I would LOVE for you to leave me a review of either or both of the books. While I’m thrilled with the sales so far getting people to leave reviews has been a struggle 🙂

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