After The Event – Review

Review of After The Event

501 Realizations

I decided to do a couple book reviews for TA WIlliams because I read his books, and he doesn’t have a lot of reviews. Today’s and tomorrow’s posts will be reviews of his books. I am not in the habit of doing reviews and don’t expect it to be a regular thing.


After The Event is a book about what happens when society collapses. It’s never quite clear what the actual event is that causes the world to end, but it’s also largely irrelevant to the story as well. The book follows a family as they try to make it in the new, harsh world.

The author pulls no punches in this book. Once society collapses, the world is a dark, horrible place. It strikes me as extremely realistic at times and, at other times, a little ridiculous.

It is very clear that almost everyone, even those extremely prepared…

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