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After The Event

Well I have officially been a published author for a month now.  To say the last month has been a whirlwind of emotions would be an understatement.  I have gone from a nearly paralyzing fear just prior to hitting that publish button, great high of selling my first book & getting my first 5-star review, to the extreme low of having a day where I didn’t sell anything and having someone tell me “it just wasn’t their kind of story”.  Through it all those two books have remained on Amazon and are slowing moving their way up the sales rankings.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that the # of books I sell usually correlates to how active I have been on twitter.  I have had one day since I published where I didn’t sell any books and that also happens to be the day I didn’t get on twitter.  Since then I have begun using HootSuite to schedule tweets to make sure that even if I get busy at my real job, I’m still getting the word out.  AND it is working.  What I sold in my first week I easily surpass in a day now.

I signed up for KDP Select based on advice from other indie authors and I have already witnessed the benefits.  I gave away After The Event for free for 3 days and as I hoped I gave away hundreds of copies, but what I had not been expecting was what happened the following week.  After The Event then began to sell in a day what I used to sell in a week and now 2 weeks later is still going strong.  Also since Kindle Unlimited was introduced the # of times my books have been borrowed has increased over 100%.  I’m still waiting to see what the payout will be per book borrowed and that will have a great deal to do with whether I remain enrolled in Select.  Once I know I will write a follow up blog with my reactions and future plans.

Writing a book and getting it published was a crazy journey and now that I’m actually published and selling books, a completely different journey has begun.  Thank you to everyone that has followed along and for everyone who has given my books a chance!

Back to the grind!!


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9 responses to “Selling Books N Stuff

  1. That’s a great start! Hope it keeps up for you.

  2. Reblogged this on akrummenacker and commented:
    In fairness to my post about Kindle Unlimited, I felt it only right to share this other author’s experience with Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited, for those who are undecided.

    Once again, in spite of what I’ve read here, I am NOT changing my mind. I refuse to cut myself off from Nook, Apple and other e-readers.

    The purpose of my sharing this article is to give people a chance to see more than one point of view, so they can make their own choices and decisions. What’s best for me may not be so for others.

    Please enjoy.

  3. Reblogged, hope you don’t mind. This was very insightful.

  4. So, aside from twitter, and your blog, how did you promote your free days? What sort of purchase conversion are you seeing from book one free to book two and book one paid to book two?
    Are you glad you released both books at once or would you have staggered them?

    • I’m also on the Kindleboards, but those (twitter & blog) are my primary means of advertising.
      My first full month of sales 60% of the people who purchased book 1 picked up book 2. I determined that just by comparing the sales.
      I’m VERY glad I released book 1 & 2 at the same time. I honestly kind of wish I would have finished book 3 and released that at the same time. When book 1 has a good day typically the following day I will see a big bump for book 2 sales. And as you know the 1st book is .99 while book 2 is 2.99 meaning that book 2 sales are where I actually make $. So it stands to reason that if book 3 were already out (and priced at 2.99) they would continue to feed off each other and increase my profits. Plus I’ve already gotten a couple of requests to “hurry up” and finish the 3rd book and it hasn’t even been 2 months since book 1 & 2 were released! Good problems to have though.

  5. Congratulations on the success it sounds like you’re having with this.

    Like akrummenacker I choose to avoid the exclusivity of KDP Select but I’m not going to tell you it’s wrong – every author chooses their own tactic. The thing is though that I’m interested in reading your stuff but I have a Nook, so I can’t get it at Amazon. I suppose a compromise would be to ask if you have an epub format of it and you’d be willing to send me a free sample.

  6. Stephanie Smith

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

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