after the event of After The Event

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a quick post to let you know how things are going on my self-publishing adventure.  For those of you who have followed me during this journey you will notice I never really listed any expectations/goals, and that’s not to say I didn’t have any, I just didn’t have any based on solid information.

My main focus was on finishing After The Event & The Remnants, getting them formatted for KDP and then releasing them. Well, while I was waiting the 24 hours for both books to be pushed through and put onto Amazon I decided to grab a poster board and list a number of goals. Those included 1st book sold, 1st 5 star review, 100 books sold, 250, 500, 1000, etc, etc. I also wanted to have a fire lit under me to push me to work hard & market the book so I put a date behind when I wanted to reach those goals. 

After The Event

My main goal was to have SOLD 250 books in 2 months and 500 books in 3 months. What was that based on you asked? A whole lotta nuttin. I just thought that would be a solid amount of books to sell in 2-3 months for a newbie.

I released After The EventThe Remnants on June 27, 2014. The first couple of weeks I was selling around 5 books a day, which I thought was wonderful. I ran a KDP Select promo giving away After The Event for 3 days (July 17th-19th) and after that things started to get crazy. I went from around 5 books a day to getting into the high teens. From there I started averaging 20 books a day and this last week I have averaged 30 books a day!


So by July 20th I had easily sold over 100 books.  The 250 goal fell soon after. AND I just checked this morning on August 7, 2014 I had officially sold over 500 books! At my current rate I will have sold over 1,000 books in less than 2 months!!

This post is by no means meant to be a humblebrag but actually a thank you.  My self-publishing journey has very much been a JOURNEY and one I did not take alone.  Every person out there who checked out my blog, left an encouraging comment, or offered me advice helped push me to this point.  So THANK YOU!

And as one journey ends another begins. After The EventThe Remnants are just two books in a planned seven book series, so needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to it. Thank you again to everyone who has, and continues to follow me.  I couldn’t, and still can’t do it without you!!



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4 responses to “after the event of After The Event

  1. Stephanie Smith

    hey, I’ve also self-published some books, but am not having anywhere near the success you’ve had. Any tips? Please?

    • I’m still too new at this to pretend that I know what I’m doing. 🙂
      I honestly believe the fact that the 2 books I have published are Book 1 & 2 in a series has a lot to do with my success. The people who enjoyed the 1st book jump to the 2nd. Whereas if the books were not related the reader may have liked my 1st book but not find the description/genre of my 2nd book interesting and go somewhere else.
      Also I noticed a big bump after my free days with KDP Select so that seemed to help.
      Lastly getting good reviews helps. When I got a 5 star review on The Remnants I went on twitter and put that on blast and ended up setting a daily sales record with that book on that day.
      Again everything is very new but I will continue to post updates on my blog so follow along and hopefully I post something that you will find useful!

      • Stephanie Smith

        Thanks so much for sharing your tips 🙂
        Going to go check out your Twitter feed now and get a few ideas. Feeling like I’m kind of flying blind here so stumbling on your blog was an awesome find. Good luck and hope the sales continue 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Hopefully I’ll have similar success when I release my book in October.

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