Who Knows You’re A Writer?

Who knows that you’re a writer/author? 

I ask because I have been a self-published author for nearly 2 months now and the only family that is aware is my wife and little brother. None of my friends are aware that I even write.  The reasons are plentiful and some are even legitimate….some.

In regards to my friends I’m not even sure some of them know how to read. I have a handful that I consider close friends but writing has always been my secret passion and never something I felt like sharing.  If my friends found out I was a self-published author I wouldn’t try to hide it, in fact I would be very proud to show them what I have accomplished. So am I hiding this fact from them? I prefer to say they have never asked so I’ve never had a reason to tell them.

My family is a much easier answer.  My late mother and father were aware that I loved to write.  My mother in particular was aware of my dream to have a book published and was a big supporter. So if they were still around they would be the first to know. My little brother is the only family I have left and the first time I appeared in the top 100 of the Post-Apoc section of Amazon I shared the news. He’s been supportive but has never been much of a reader so he can only grasp so much.

Writing has always been something that was MINE. It was a tool to help me celebrate the good times or survive the bad. It has helped me grow as a person and has given me the ability to expand my horizons. It wasn’t until I set up this blog and got on twitter that I was truly able to find other people who understood writing like I do.

It’s not a hobby or a job.

It’s not something that you do from time to time. 

It’s a state of being. 

Whether our goal is to publish a book or to record our feelings, we are writers.

I don’t share that I’m a writer/author with other people in part because they wouldn’t understand. But you all do. This understanding is what helps me keep typing when my fingers hurt and my brain gets soggy. This understanding is what excites me and makes me realize there are others that feel the same passion I do.

So that’s who knows I’m a writer. What about you?



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4 responses to “Who Knows You’re A Writer?

  1. Such an interesting post. The ‘state of being’ will stay with me and motivate me, I’m sure. Does it really matter who actually knows? Thank you so much.

  2. Most people now know that I’ve written a book, but I kept the whole process under wraps until it was actually finished. It was part of my way to maintain the energy levels.

  3. Your story is not that unusual for writers, and there are many reasons. One is your personality, which I can relate to because I wrote for years, published many articles in national magazines and my first book with a small press last year, yet only recently did I begin to tell people that I’m a writer when asked. I’m rubbish at self-promotion. Another reason is confidence, and that comes with time, listening to other people, and believing in yourself. You should be proud of breaking the top 100 on the Amazon list. Good luck to you, and thanks for sharing your story, I think many writers will relate to it.

  4. My family and friends know, but I hate talking about my writing to them and usually steer away from the subject (except for the occasional griping to my mom or husband). I love to write, but feel pretentious saying “I’m a writer” and trying to explain the endless hours of work I put in to what I do – I think only another writer can understand the effort that goes into the craft of good writing. Maybe after I sell my first million copies, I’ll feel a little less awkward discussing my work with non-writers. Maybe.

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