Staying in KDP Select

Hey All,

I recently read a fellow author’s post, Brian J. Jarrett, in which he talked about why he is putting some of his back catalog on KDP Select.  I recently decided to re-opt into KDP Select and decided I should probably post something on this too.

My situation is different than Brian’s in that my work has always been exclusive to KDP. I published in late June 2014 and immediately signed up for Select in the hope that KDP’s promotions would help convince readers to give my work a chance. Shortly thereafter Kindle Unlimited rolled out. My intentions initially were to opt out of Select once my 90 days were up so I could get my books on other platforms but the combination of KOLL and Kindle Unlimited caused me to reconsider.


My 1st book (After The Event) is only .99 cents which means I make .35 cents for every purchase. But every time it is borrowed (either through KOLL or Unlimited) I make around $1.50 +/borrow. This month I have been averaging 200 borrows a week for book 1 alone. So for Book 1 you can see why I hesitate to remove it from Select.

My 2nd book (The Remnants) is a bit different. It is $2.99 so I’m making around $2.07 for every purchase.  So every time the book is borrowed I actually get less than I would had it been purchased. But at the same time I’m getting the book into people’s hands while still making $.  As Brian pointed out Hugh Howey recently posted about this dilemma

So those are my reasons. While I hate that there are people who won’t have access to my work because of the exclusivity I have to do what I think is best for my “business”, and at this time KDP Select benefits cannot be ignored.


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