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The Robopocalypse NonReview

I don’t do reviews because I do not feel I have the knowledge to tell someone accurately if they should or should not read something.  With that said sometimes I like to talk about books I have read and share my feelings about the story.  So without further ado here is my nonreview

By Daniel Wilson

I decided to get this book after I heard that Steven Speilberg had signed on to direct a feature adaption.  I know horrible reason to decide to read a book but the combination that Speilberg was interested in it plus the premise meant I had to give it a try.  For those that don’t know Robopocalypse tells the story of what happens when an artificial intelligence sets out to destroy mankind.  It starts from the creation of the AI, to the beginning, ultimately the end of the war from various viewpoints.

First off I will agree it does share a lot of similarities with Max Brooks World War Z: A Oral History of the Zombie War, which is also being made into a movie starring Brad Pitt.  I think I enjoyed World War Z a little more, but at the same time I appreciated that Robocalypse follows the same group of characters throughout the story, whereas World War Z is more a series of connected stories set in the same universe.

Usually I can tell how much I enjoy a book based on where I read it and how long it takes.  🙂 I always read right before bed whether the book be fascinating or something I’m just trying to get through.  If I read during my breaks at work that means I’m really into the book.  And if I read at home in the middle of the day then I am truly in love with the book.  With Robopocalypse I read it during work and “considered” reading it while at home, but due to finishing it in about 6 days I didn’t have the opportunity.  So take that how you will.

If you are a fan of World War Z you have to check this thing out.  Also if you are interested in any kind of survival or war chronicles type of book then I would also recommend.  If Steven Speilberg does end up turning this into a movie I will definitely show up and inevitably be disappointed that it is not as good as the book!



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