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Quotes That Make You Go Hmmmm

Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear

Stephen King

I LOVE this quote and agree with it whole-heartily.  We fear the unknown, the things we don’t (or can’t) understand.  Once we understand how something works or what something is we lose that fear and/or respect.

In entertainment, whether it be books/movies/etc, the things that stick with me are the things that remain mysterious.  The unfortunate thing is that humans tend to be so inquisitive that we want to know more.  Take away that mystery and more often then not things turn mundane.

Take the TV show Lost for example.  I LOVED this show.  It was a very mysterious show & every time it gave you an answer it created another question.  The problem is that in the last season of the show it started to explain a few things, and once explained those things tended to be underwhelming.  When the show ended it didn’t answer all the questions which upset a lot of people.

So the interesting question is do you take away that mystery by giving the reader answers there-by robbing them of their interest and/or fear?  Or do you keep the mystery and possibly leave an unsatisfied reader?



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Quotes That Effect Me

From time to time I will share quotes that I have read that effect me in some way.  Some act as a mini-muse and throw me into the writing zone, while others just cause me to pause and ponder upon the meaning for a second or two.

“We all have that moment in life when something terrible happens for the first time.  Something so unexpected, so awful, that it… takes the magic out of the world.  Life becomes harder, colder.  And everything we do in our lives, from that day on, is our way of coping with that one moment.  We stop living and we merely exist.  We either choose to move on from that, or we let it consume us.”

Relentless(Dominion Trilogy #1) by Robin Parrish

For me this quote does a fantastic job of explaining what happens when someone loses their “innocence.”  To me this does a great job of capturing how I felt after losing people I cared about.  The part about having the choice to move on or let it dictate your life is very meaningful to  me.


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