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Still Loving My Kindle Fire

As some of you may know I bought a Kindle Fire when it first came out & was just wanting to let you all know how it’s working out.  First off let me just say that I love it!  There wasn’t really a definitive reason as to why I wanted one, but I thought some of the features sounded interesting so I grabbed it up.

Let me get the negatives out-of-the-way first.  I do wish the screen was an inch or two wider.  When reading magazines & some webpages it can be pain to have to zoom in closer or slide over to read the rest of the text.  Not a huge deal but in a perfect world it would be 1-2 inches wider.

Last negative is that the touch screen can be touchy at times.  I have had cases where it was either too sensitive or not sensitive enough when I was trying to turn a page or play a game.  With that said in the few weeks I have had it I have experienced this frustration less than 10x.

Now on to the GOOD stuff!  The thing is crazy light as it seems to be just slightly heavier than a paperback book.  The appstore is great & everyday gives away a free app.  This may not seem like much but some of the free apps are pretty cool.  The battery life is decent & despite playing games on it in the afternoon, surfing the web for a few hours every evening & then reading for about an hour at night, I only have to charge it when I go to bed.

Thanks to it I have started to tackle the Twitter-verse a little more.  As everyone who follows me knows I am more of a “tweet 1x a day person” vs a “tweet every 15 minutes kind of guy”, but I have been spending more time checking out other people’s tweets & finding interesting people.

Like most things I could live without it, but I really don’t want to.  It’s a great mini-portal to the internet & gives me the ability to keep up with my writing pals.  If any of you have taken the Fire plunge let me know I would like to see how everyone else is enjoying it!





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What Breaks Your Emotional Wall?

Anyone that has ever cried while consuming some type of media knows the exact moment their emotional wall breaks down.  Some people try to hold it back but the pressure keeps building and building until eventually the whole thing bursts, which usually equates to copious amounts of tears  🙂

The funny thing is that there are certain triggers that can cause the wall to break without much pressure at all.   Take my wife for example.  If we watch a TV show & there is even a hint that an animal is suffering or in trouble she freezes in place and tears are never far behind.  Her biggest weakness is a male crying.  If we watch a TV show or movie and there is middle aged father crying she loses it completely.  I know that is a very specific scenario but without fail every time it knocks down her emotional wall.

I am sure a psychologist would have a field day looking into why certain triggers cause certain people to break down, but I find it just as interesting as a writer.  Everyone is different but there are universal triggers out there that can cause an emotion to automatically manifest.  If you can discover these triggers and masterfully integrate them into you story then you can give your novel quite the powerful punch.

Also since I kind of threw my wife under the bus I guess I should  admit to what quirky thing causes my emotional barriers to crumple into a thousand pieces.  Young teenagers who have had a tough life but give back to the community in a meaningful way, sounds cheesy I know.  There is something about a person who has had so many things go against them but still finds a way to overcome it, be a good person, and give back that causes my eyes to leak all over the place.

Now that I have embarrassed myself what breaks down your emotional wall?


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The Jetson’s Don’t Have S*** On Me

As a young child I didn’t know a whole lot about anything (Except maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  The only thing I was 100% confident about is that when I wanted something I wanted it NOW!!  Sounds spoiled and I can’t deny that I probably was just a little bit spoiled, but just because I wanted it doesn’t mean I got it.

Whenever a new toy or game came out I can remember begging my parents to take me to the store to get it, only to be told “maybe this weekend.”   Then when the glorious weekend appeared I was told “maybe if you’re good.”  You have no idea how many times I acted like a good boy just for the chance to get that new toy.  All around the world kids were throwing fits and getting into trouble while I sat around being good.  Quite the waste I know.

When I got older and had a ride and money of my own it still didn’t get a whole lot better.  I grew up in a town of about 4,000 people, the nearest retail store (A Wal-Mart naturally) was about 40 minutes away but it wasn’t a SuperCenter back then so stuff that interested me was limited.  I was big into video games  back then so if I wanted a new game I had to go to the 2nd nearest city about 45 minutes away, pick up said game, then drive another 45 minutes home while wistfully peering at the unopened game laying in the passenger seat.

I can remember watching an episode of the Jetsons where they ordered something and instantly it flew into their house through a tube.  As a kid I shed a single tear when I realized this was not possible.  Flash forward to the present and it essentially is.

I want to play a new game all I need to do is get on the internet, click on an icon to pay for it, and instantly it is downloading to my computer or game console.  Is there a brand new game coming out in a couple of weeks, go to Amazon, click an icon to pre-order it, and get it delivered the day it is released for FREE (Release date delivery rox!).  Or how about those movies that I love so much?  I have Netflix so all I have to do is click a button and I can stream thousands of movies instantly to my TV.

I think it is a good thing younger mean didn’t know that things were going to get this good.  I already had a hard enough time enjoying the moment and would constantly wish I could grow up faster.  Yet there is one thing that younger me didn’t realize about this future I wished for, and this same thing I have learned painfully over the last handful of years……when it is easy to buy something and get it nearly instantaneously it is very easy to empty your bank account in a matter of minutes.  So I guess I could choose to go back and have money but have to wait to get the things I want, or be poor but have the ability to get everything instantly.  This is America, the creator of instant gratification, I think you all know which one I would choose  🙂


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There Is No Point To This Blog

One of the things I am already struggling with is blogging about nothing.  To clarify I don’t mean not having a subject to center the blog around, I mean blogging without attempting to have some over-arching theme or point.  My hope for this blog is (at times) to have an almost stream of consciousness where I can throw my thoughts onto my monitor to either inspire myself or simply as a cheap form of therapy.  Yet already I feel myself waiting for some grand idea to center a blog around.  So in order to attempt to fight this I am literally blogging about blogging about nothing.

I have already gotten a chance to slip into other people’s minds and worlds by checking out their blogs, and it is very rejuvenating creatively.  At the same time I want to continue to write and focus on my projects so I will have to come to terms that a large portion (if not all) of my blogs are going to be complete and utter non-sense.  That at times reading my blog will seem the equivalent of the Family Circus comic strip where you follow one of Billy’s trails as he runs all over the place.

So for those of you who risk your sanity by attempting to follow along with my mindless ramblings I thank you & remind you that I am not liable for any minor or significant brain damage that may occur due to this.  Until then


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