THE CROSSOVER GENE Has Gone to the Editor

Return to Writing

The Crossover Gene Cover 100x160THE CROSSOVER GENE is now in the hands of my editor. After she’s finished (usually four weeks or less) then it’ll go off to my  proofreader before being published. I feel very confident in an early October release for this book.

Currently, plans are to release this book at a reduced price for a limited time. I’m thinking $1.00, maybe through a Kindle countdown deal. Once the promotional deal expires, the price will go back to $4.99.

To be the first to know about the release (and to ensure you get the book at a reduced price) sign up for my mailing list here.

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Selling Books N Stuff

After The Event

Well I have officially been a published author for a month now.  To say the last month has been a whirlwind of emotions would be an understatement.  I have gone from a nearly paralyzing fear just prior to hitting that publish button, great high of selling my first book & getting my first 5-star review, to the extreme low of having a day where I didn’t sell anything and having someone tell me “it just wasn’t their kind of story”.  Through it all those two books have remained on Amazon and are slowing moving their way up the sales rankings.

One of the biggest things I have learned is that the # of books I sell usually correlates to how active I have been on twitter.  I have had one day since I published where I didn’t sell any books and that also happens to be the day I didn’t get on twitter.  Since then I have begun using HootSuite to schedule tweets to make sure that even if I get busy at my real job, I’m still getting the word out.  AND it is working.  What I sold in my first week I easily surpass in a day now.

I signed up for KDP Select based on advice from other indie authors and I have already witnessed the benefits.  I gave away After The Event for free for 3 days and as I hoped I gave away hundreds of copies, but what I had not been expecting was what happened the following week.  After The Event then began to sell in a day what I used to sell in a week and now 2 weeks later is still going strong.  Also since Kindle Unlimited was introduced the # of times my books have been borrowed has increased over 100%.  I’m still waiting to see what the payout will be per book borrowed and that will have a great deal to do with whether I remain enrolled in Select.  Once I know I will write a follow up blog with my reactions and future plans.

Writing a book and getting it published was a crazy journey and now that I’m actually published and selling books, a completely different journey has begun.  Thank you to everyone that has followed along and for everyone who has given my books a chance!

Back to the grind!!


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The Remnants – Review

501 Realizations

This is the second and last review for TA Williams.


The Remnants is the sequel to After The Event and takes place immediately following that novel. There is the introduction of several new characters as well as following all of the original characters as they splinter off.

Again, the world is a horrible place and it is sort of hard to remember that this is almost two years after society collapsed. It feels like it’s been a few days. This book definitely delves deeper into the characters and gives you things from their perspective. It also shows how easy it is to get lost/separated from each other and how people will bully others.

It follows that same, everything is horrible vibe, of most prepper/survivalist fiction with the big gangs taking over and stealing everything from others. This story makes no bones that everyone is a victim.

All that said…

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After The Event – Review

Review of After The Event

501 Realizations

I decided to do a couple book reviews for TA WIlliams because I read his books, and he doesn’t have a lot of reviews. Today’s and tomorrow’s posts will be reviews of his books. I am not in the habit of doing reviews and don’t expect it to be a regular thing.


After The Event is a book about what happens when society collapses. It’s never quite clear what the actual event is that causes the world to end, but it’s also largely irrelevant to the story as well. The book follows a family as they try to make it in the new, harsh world.

The author pulls no punches in this book. Once society collapses, the world is a dark, horrible place. It strikes me as extremely realistic at times and, at other times, a little ridiculous.

It is very clear that almost everyone, even those extremely prepared…

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After The Event – Available for FREE

I wanted to give you all a heads up to let you know that on Friday July 18th &  Saturday July 19th After The Event is going to be available for FREE!!  You can pick up your free copy HERE or if you want to check out the trailer you can below.

I’ll also post a blog soon going over how the first couple weeks have went (spoilers, surprisingly well), and how the Kindle Select Promo went (so far mind-blowingly amazing).

As always I appreciate all the support and thank you everyone who has picked up the book!

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I’m A Published Author

Despite the fact I have been for a week and a day I still haven’t wrapped my head around that yet.  The journey to get published has been an even longer one than even I have been able to realize.  But it’s done!

So what does that mean?  That means that I have to prevent myself from checking how many books I have sold every hour on the hour.  It means that I need to balance pimping my book through social media and actually interacting with people.  It also means I need to get back to work writing.

I have been pleased with the progress so far.  I expected to have good days and bad days but so far – knock on wood – I have sold at least a couple books every day.  While I’m still trying to gather a few more reviews, the one I have gotten was a 5-star so I can’t complain too much.

I’m a published author and yet the world still goes on, only now the sun seems a little brighter and the air just a tad bit fresher!




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Self Publishing – The Book Is Available!

Self-Publishing is a series of posts that follows my desperate attempts at developing, writing, and eventually self-publishing my own book.  Follow along if you dare, or if you’re just really bored.


I am proud to announce that both After The Event and The Remnants are now available on Amazon!

cover.jpg                                     The Remnants

You pick them up at the links above ; You can also get more info on my website

Lastly, in case you missed it, here is the trailer for After The Event


Thanks again for all the support! I can honestly say that without your support I probably would not have accomplished this, thanks!




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